Call to Discipleship

During a seminary class about leadership and growth the Holy Spirit gently spoke one word into my spirit.  That word was “discipleship.”  It never occurred to me how important that one thought would become.  Through the years I attempted to disciple utilizing the pulpit for teaching by preaching expository type sermons.  Occasion also provided opportunity to teach through the Bible, which I attempted to do during the mid-week service.  My education and ministry developed into teaching at a small Bible college and a Bible Institutes program in Mexico.  Now the internet and the world wide web has become very important to me.  Opportunities are open to me to provide training and leadership in Mexico, especially, and other fields.  This site is an attempt to make educational materials about discipleship available to every venue [the place where something happens] the Lord will lead me to.

Surfing the net brought me into contact with a proliferation [a large number of something] of materials that could be shared with visitors to this site.  Those who peruse [to look at or read (something) in an informal or relaxed way] this site will find links to pages from other web locations as well as posts from me or other contributors.  Please follow the links where applicable and avail yourself of the opportunity to grow in knowledge of discipleship, leadership, and become an informed, active and productive disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ. Please follow the link below. To translate any of the document to your language, download and save to your desktop, then click on the Google Translator link.  When the window opens, below the “Translate” block, you will see “type text or a website address or translate a document.”  Click on “translate a document.”  Another window will open.  Click on the “Browse” button, select the file to translate, select language, then click the “translate button.”  The document in the link below will be translated in the language you selected.

The Call to Discipleship 

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