CORE Discipleship

One of the most amazing sites I have encountered is the CORE Discipleship site.  Much of what you will discover in our site will lead you to CORE Discipleship’s information.  While I cannot wholeheartedly agree with every theological statement CORE propagates, I have found so much useful information that I believe their site to be helpful to most Christians.  Please don’t get sidetracked by theological issues.  Look at the assets available to win souls for Christ.  As we have stated in other sites that this ministry propagates:  One thing that all born-again believers have in common is that Jesus Christ is the only Savior. He was born of the virgin, conceived by the Holy Spirit, lived a totally sinless life, was the sacrifice for our sins at Calvary where He was crucified, then buried in a borrowed tomb. His resurrection on the third day, according to Paul proved Jesus Christ to be the Son of God, with Power. After His resurrection Jesus continued on this earth for forty days teaching His disciples. At the end of the forty days, before ascending to Heaven in a cloud, Jesus instructed His disciples to tarry in Jerusalem until they were endued with power from on high. On the day of Pentecost the Holy Spirit descended upon the chosen disciples (at least 120 of them). They were all filled with the Holy Ghost and began speaking with other tongues as the Spirit gave the utterance. Since that time many interpretations, thoughts, teachings have come forth. It is not the purpose of this particular page to address all of those issues.

Presently it is sufficient to say that materials are available for every minister and Christian who has a computer and internet connection, almost anywhere in the world to find study aids and information. Study! Study! Study! Pray! Pray! Pray! Study with a hunger that cannot be satisfied. Pray with a passion and perseverance that cannot be denied. Ask God for the truth! Seek God for the truth! It is His truth, and He will reveal truth to any honest seeker. Do not settle for what someone else has said is truth. Seek until you are satisfied in your own heart that you have discovered the truth. Then do not be so dogmatic as to think that you, a finite being, could not possibly be wrong. If you remain humble and teachable, God will use you. You cannot change others opinions or convince them in your own strength. You can only relate what God has put into you. It is the Holy Spirit’s work to take care of the rest. Most of us believe pretty much the same things. Because we are human, weaknesses of the flesh, our own pride, etc., issues of grammar, syntax,   semantics, our background, and millions of other things get in the way and we lose the ability to communicate effectively.

At one time a young man who was attending a small Bible college that came from a different theological persuasion that I came from was trying to convert me to his way of thinking.  My response to him was this: “If you want to dialogue, we can do that.  There are things we probably will never agree on.  I won’t try to persuade you to take up my views.  Please don’t try to convince me to agree to yours.  We can talk about.”  My concern was that we  could perhaps learn from each other and let the Holy Spirit do the convincing.

With these things in mind I want to provide some links that you may go to and find a plethora of information that I am sure will help you grow in grace.  It is my goal that every post include links, references, or resources to help anyone who will research them.

First let this statement govern every encounter with these sites:  “in essentials, unity; in doubtful matters, liberty; in all things, charity.”  Check out the origin of the statement. It’s origin may surprise you.

Remember — sometimes when you go to a link there will be other links.  Then when you click on that link there is no translator available.  A simple way to remedy this is to copy the website URL address, insert the website URL address into the Google Translate Box, then the page will be translated into the language you choose.  Almost always a page or document can be translated by posting the website URL address for that particular page into the translator.  One exception would be if the page is too large.

CORE Discipleship has several free discipleship books that you may find interesting. Several times visiting the site no images appeared.  Perhaps this is an issue with their site, but I have visited the page and all images were in view. By perusing their discipleship master-plan you will be able to see their reasons for existing and discover some very useful information in making disciples. Finally, Core Discipleship has a blog that provides manifold resources for discipleship.
May the manifold blessings of the Lord be yours as you endeavor to become more useful in His Kingdom!