Follow Me

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Over forty years ago Jesus came to me in a vision and simply commanded, “Follow Me.”  Circumstances leading up to that event are not important.  My life since this signal event has been challenging.   As I reflect upon this incident I am reminded of Peter’s encounter with Jesus in John 21. Jesus was on the seashore calling out to the disciples who had gone fishing, fished all night and caught nothing.  After the disciples came to shore, had eaten of the fish Jesus prepared for them, He challenged Peter to “follow me.”  Peter was overtaken with this and questioned Jesus about what John was to do? Isn’t that just like us? Jesus’ response to Peter was, “if I will that he tarry til I come, what is that to thee? follow thou me.”  It is the true disciple’s responsibility to “follow” Christ.  Irregardless of who or whatever may come or go, follow Christ.  We are to be concerned about others, to love them, to pray for them, to lead them, to teach them, to set an example.  However, our main goal, our one purpose is “follow Christ.”  “Where He leads me I will follow. . . . I’ll go with Him, all the way,”  are the words to the song of committal I have sung many times. You can find the entire song at this site.

On another site I ran across a message by John Stott entitled “The Call to Follow Christ.”  You may read the entire message by clicking on the link above.  If you need translation, follow the link to the page, copy the link, then open the link in Google Translator.